The TSA race to the gate

What is new with the TSA:

Does TSA Pre-Check really give some travelers an advantage over others? CNN set two reporters to see it for themselves.
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52 Killed, 30 Wounded As Dumped Bodies Are Recovered Across Iraq

52 Killed, 30 Wounded As Dumped Bodies Are Recovered Across Iraq by Margaret Griffis, November 29, 2013 At least 52 Iraqis were killed and 30 more wounded in attacks. Dumped bodies were found in at least three cities. In one attack, men wearing military uniforms rounded up the victims. The bodies of 18 men were found dumped in Mashahda. Among the victims were two tribal chiefs, an army major, and several policemen. The kidnappers were masquerading as security personnel who were taking away

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US concerned with widening crackdown in Egypt

Published time: November 30, 2013 05:51 Muslim Brotherhood and ousted President Mohamed Morsi supporters light up a flare and shout slogans during during a demonstration in Cairo on November 29, 2013.(AFP Photo / Mahmoud Khaled) The US has expressed concern over the increased crackdown on unauthorized protests against the new law heavily restricting demonstrations, as Egypt’s police arrested nearly 200 people on Friday. According to Egyptian Interior Ministry officials, at least

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Comet Drama

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 09:50 PM I know another thread on Ison. But at least I didn’t mention the name in the heading ! Right ? All the hype and doom surronding Ison and as usual no truth to it at all. November’s pretty much gone right.So who gets the blame for people getting so hyped up and making claimsthat Nasa is hiding something ? When as Daryllyn points out in her threadperfectly it isn’t even possible for Nasa to hide anything.Where did all the bogus bombastic BS begin ? Hmmm…..

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